Although many people don’t know it, Dubai is really multi-sided. Tourists make it out to be a destination for shopping but it offers so much more. Now the ultimate hot-spot in the UAE and beyond, Dubai really is a modern, cosmopolitan city that is packed with something for everyone. It is exactly as it has been described, or even better, a glamorous city filled with out-of-this-world structures in the likes of the awe-inspiring Burj Al Khalifa.

The wonderful city is the world’s first and best in many things, especially in the area of architecture, and the local people are proud as punch of their country and its development to date. What’s unique about Dubai is that despite it’s jaw-dropping skyscrapers, it has not lost touch of nature and is filled with vast water bodies, gardens, and of course, the huge desert.

Simply put, Dubai has been built to be explored, and the tour companies in the UAE have not failed in offering amazing and exhilarating ways for tourists to explore the cities wonders. For an exciting, adrenaline pumping vacation in Dubai, check out the tour operators providing the following top 5 activities, and prepare to be amazed by this glorious city.

1. Desert Safari

A desert safari is an opportunity to see the wonder that makes up a large part of the country. There are many tour operators such as Me and My Tourism that offer this tour for around the same price, so all you need to do is check them out and select one that suits you. The tour begins with a bumpy ride through the sandy terrain, bashing the dunes as you go in a 4×4 vehicle. Provisions are also made for tourists to camp out at campsites in the desert while being treated to many indulgences. Some companies offer a camel ride around the dunes, barbecued shawarma, shisha, belly dance entertainment and falcon handling. Although it is worth noting that once you are in the desert camp, some additional charges may apply for a longer camel ride, or your own shisha, as opposed to shared.

2. Yellow Boat Tour

The Yellow Boat Tour Company offers a fabulous tour in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in their famous yellow inflatable boats. The tour provides tourists with the opportunity to see how magnificent the city really is when viewed from the waters.  The tour is unique in that the boats are designed to cut through the waves at high-speed, and the skippers are not afraid whip them around the waters for that added thrill.

The company offers general and exclusive tour to  families, couples, corporate groups and single tourists. The Dubai tour begins at the marina before heading out to the open waters, and then to the waters around Palm Jumeirah where you can see the perfect view of Palm Jumeirah villas, owned by the rich and famous, as well as the royal family of Dubai. If you are lucky, you may also get to see the royals pet tigers roaming the beach front garden. You will also see the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the prominent Atlantis hotel and the ‘Miami of Dubai’ – the spectacular skyline that makes up the Dubai Marina.

As well as this guided tour, the Yellow boat company also offers fishing trips on the Arabian Gulf, as well as a variety of water sports that will surely make your stay in Dubai worthwhile.

3. Jet Ski Tour

Jet skiing has again become a thing in Dubai after the authorities eased on the restriction they put on the sport. Now there are many operators such as Sea Ride Dubai that are ready to offer jet ski training and take you on the tour around the island taking a similar route to the Yellow boat company mentioned above. This tour is an exciting way to experience the water and adore the landmarks of Dubai. Just like the yellow boat tour, you get to see the towering structures from the sea, but this time in a more intense way. An hour of this sport will definitely make you come alive with adrenaline rush.

4. Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruise in dhows converted to floating restaurants have become a tradition in Dubai, and you certainly want to be part of it. You can have a quiet lunch, or a merry dinner with singing and dancing as the show cruises along the creek or the marina canal. These floating restaurants do not only offer traditional arabic food and parties, they let you see the city in a  whole new light at night, which is a sight to behold. Check out Xclusive Yachts and Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai.

5. Shop Like Never Before! 

Of course I won’t forget the real deal in Dubai – shop until you drop. Dubai is a popular shopping destination that is only growing year on year following the development of countless shopping malls, including the Mall of the Emirates and the biggest mall in the world today – Dubai Mall. There is absolutely nothing you won’t find here, you can even find an indoor Aquarium where you can admire the  fascinating underwater world. Here, you can even have a try of cage snorkelling, shark diving and VRZOO that lets you take a trip to jungles of Africa and Asia to find jungle animals you have never seen face to face. The Burj Khalifa is also accessible from the Dubai Mall, but be sure to grab your tickets online as they are much more expensive when you purchase from the box office within the mall.